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Clean Tank Water

Leaf Shield improves water collection, quality and efficiency.

Leaf Shield Clean WaterSave water

Save thousands of litres of water by collecting clean water efficiently with Leaf Shield’s Gutter Guard products. Our gutter protection system keeps gutter free from the buildup of debris which can contaminate collected water.


Leaf Shield’s Gutter Guard products are a diamond design to maximize clean water collection.  Premium Australian Leafmesh’s diamond pattern is most effective in keeping debris out and letting water through the leafmesh.  900gsm has proven to be the most effective weight for maximum water collection.


Leafmesh will not rust or cause electrolysis and is flexible enough to mould to the contour of your roof, making it self cleaning in most situations.


Premium Australian Leafmesh and Guttermesh by Tapex is made from UV treated Polyethelene. The same product that most of the  Water Tanks are made from.  If you want clean untainted water then Leafmesh and Guttermesh are an ideal choice. 


Any gutter guard will stop leaves mulching in your gutters and will prevent white ants and mosquitoes nesting in your gutters.